Wandgewand – Fine Art from Wiesbaden

Tipping Points Cycle – Infinitely Many Tipping Points, Variation 1, Digital Print, Contemporary Art, Fine Art, Geometry

Infinite number of tipping points, variation 1, (Tipping Points cycle) . (Art by Falk Jung, Wiesbaden)

Lines in intense colors transform into surfaces. They create patterns that mark visual tipping points in a geometric arrangement, allowing the attentive viewer to visually experience the change in perception.

Formal order, intentional changes in direction, rushing depth and luminosity create tension and interesting perspectives by interrupting the lines - regardless of whether they are linear or non-linear. Colored tipping points change perception and stimulate new thought processes.

Modern geometric art, highlight and decor for walls in schools, offices, law firms, doctor's offices. But also for the living room, bedroom, bathroom and hallway.

High-quality and color-intensive fine art print on elegant and sustainable premium Hahnemühle handmade paper 290 g/m², made in Germany.

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